Cretacolor Calligraphy Set of 7 Parts

Cretacolor Calligraphy Set of 7 Parts

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It has 5 different nibs, 1 nib holder, and 1 jet Indian black calligraphy ink bottle of 30ml.
The Nibs are categorized in the following types: fine writing nib, ornamental nib, poster nib, square-cut nib, an italic nib.
CRETACOLOR Calligraphy Set, 7 pieces, pen holder, ink, 5 springs
The seven-part CRETACOLOR calligraphy set of Brevillier offers the perfect base
comprising a spring holder, 30ml black ink, and 5 different springs.
The spring holder is equipped with a lever mechanism to facilitate the fixing of the springs.
Following springs are included in the set: Quill, poster spring, line nib, ornament spring, Italic Feather
Dimensions and weight of the set:
Length: 215 mm
Width: 145 mm
Height: 40 mm
Weight: 200 g

Writing System /
Length: penholder

Brand: Creta Color.
Made in Austria.

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