Daler Rowney Simply Gold Taklon Synthetic Hair Brush Set of 7

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These Daler Rowney Gold Taklon Short-Handled Synthetic Brushes combine everlasting firmness with exquisite quality for a finish that the budding art pro can be proud of. The brushes are made out of synthetic fibers which will keep the bristles sleek and durable.

These brushes are ideal for all types of work and other paints with heavy consistencies. With a chiseled edge, firm holding power and beautifully made handle, these paintbrushes are the professional essential for your painter’s toolbox.

The brushes in this set include a 3/4 flat brush, 8 flat brush, 6 round brush, 1/4 angled brush, 4 round brush, 2 round brush and 1 round brush.

  • Includes range of round and flat shade brushes
  • Short handles for excellent control
  • Long-lasting synthetic fiber
  • Multi-purpose brushes
  • Imported from England

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