Georgian Oil Color Filbert Single Brushes

  • Rs.1,300.00
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  • High Quality Brushes
  • Brand: Daler Rowney
  • Shape: Filbert
  • Hair Width: 22 mm
  • Hair Length: 38 mm
  • Handle Length: Long

Oil painting calls for resilient, durable and sturdy hog bristle brushes that have good colour retention and are easy to use. Georgian Oil Brushes have extra-fine quality Chungking bristles with a high percentage of natural flags for maximum colour-holding and smooth flexible strokes. They are handmade using traditional interlocked construction for durability and control.

Curving gently towards a point for soft-edged, controlled strokes. Useful for strong, tapering strokes.

Imported From England

Note: These brushes have haram animal hairs so do not write Quranic verses or make its tip from mouth.

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