Pentel Watercolor Set Of 24 Color

Pentel Watercolor Set Of 24 Color

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Pental 24 Colors/6ml Water Color. Easy to use & reliable, color watercolors-Case with 24 different colors (white, yellow Naples, chrome yellow, permanent yellow, lemon yellow, greenish yellow, dark green, Viridian ,green, royal blue, blue, Prussian blue, ultramarine blue, purple, reddish purple, pink, red, vermilion, brown, orange, light orange, chocolate, ocher yellow, gray and black).

Tubes with 6 ml of flexible plastic.

Fast drying and homogeneous guarantees wear resistance: the watercolor after drying does not splinter or splinter easily.

As colors dry on the palette, their reuse is easy: just apply water.

Ideal for use with crayons and crayons.

You can varnish and paint without smudging.

For more transparent effects with watercolor, add more water. To obtain opaque effects, use less water.

Dimensions of the case: 19,0 x 15,5 x 2,0 cm. Length of the tubes: 6,0 cm. Net weight of each all: 6,0 ml.

The kit Constitution: paper and cardboard. Composition of tubes thermoplastic resins, gum Arabic and pigments.

Colors: Multi Colors. 24 Pieces in box

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